czwartek, 15 grudnia 2016

Jazz melody playing in my mind today...

Today I woke up with a new melody in my head. Beautiful jazz refrain, with witty lyrics, and I dare to say 'beautiful' because it seems like it was something outside my thought process. It felt hard-to-forget and I didn't feel worried about it 'evaporating' from my mind, like those ephemeral tunes sometimes can. It was still 'there' when I got out of my bunk bed, grabbed the recorder and sang it with raspy voice. When a beautiful melody plays out of the sudden in my mind, or a wonderful view emerges and I stand exactly in the right place to admire and capture it with my analog camera I ask myself - is it God who plays this music and enravels those images? I am very grateful for all those little miracles.

piątek, 26 sierpnia 2016

Blogging isn't for me...

It's been some time. Well, 3 years to be precise.
I had a lot to say back then, but I could not find the right form or formula, so I eventually let it be...
I still have a lot to say, this didn't change, but I also figured that blog is much better way to communicate with others in the virtual world (than, say, social media feed).

I thought blogging isn't for me. I found out that blogging isn't for the writer - it is to share some experiences and thoughts with others. So I am back!

I will give myself time to find the right form for this new blog. I think about a way of combining my interests in songwriting, performing, photography, inner life, with a lot of positive energy. Maybe just a text, maybe some pictures too... Probably also describe my experiences of living in France, as I am moving there within days.

I am keeping the old posts. I hate deleting anything.
Enjoy and spread the good energy!

piątek, 31 sierpnia 2012

Serial worth my time

I don't like serials. For me 90% of them has cheap plot, poor acting... Why should I waste my time on that?!

I like old toons. They are so genuine and cute.
If you don't know what to do with your free time, check this out: Disney's Silly Symphony.

niedziela, 19 sierpnia 2012


Uwielbiam filmy, których trailer jest ciekawszy niż sam film. Albo gdy wystarczy obejrzeć zwiastun, bo zdradza całą fabułę, reszta i tak nie jest interesująca. Po co kręcić takie filmy? ...

Choć w sumie gdyby nie takie filmy, to telewizja puszczałaby na okrągło reklamy :D

Inspiracja: trailer Poison Ivy, trailer Closer i wiele innych